Hypnosis Changes Lives for the Better

Introduction to Hypnotherapy

A career in Clinical Hypnotherapy is one of the most financially rewarding natural therapies modalities there is. The results for clients are fast and effective.

In this powerful training, discover the fundamentals of clinical hypnotherapy and how you too could help others achieve dynamic and fast results.

  • WHEN: Wednesday, October 13th

  • WHERE: Your Place (Online)

  • TIME: 9am till 1pm

  • Valued at $299 – Register today for only $49

This webinar training is for
you if you're in one of these categories:

You’re seeking a complete change of career that is rewarding mentally, emotionally, and financially.

You want to work in an industry that helps people.

You are an existing natural therapies healthcare practitioner or coach and you want to add cutting-edge techniques to your practice.

You want to work in one of the highest paying natural therapies fields there is.

You want to achieve faster results for clients and start earning immediately.

You want to use these cutting-edge techniques for yourself or your loved ones.

You’re an existing practitioner who only works with face to face clients and want to add another modality that gives you the ability to work online too.

You want to learn from an industry leader.

What you will learn in my
introduction to hypnotherapy

I want to personally invite you to join me in my Introduction to Hypnotherapy. This will be an interactive day where everyone can get involved.

What we’ll cover:

What is Hypnosis and how to SIMPLY implement this in your day to day life

Practical AND Theoretical teaching of Hypnosis skills that can be used on a daily basis

The fundamentals of how to make a career in Hypnotherapy work for your life

Understanding of our Fastrack structure for topics like

  • Weight loss
  • Stop Smoking
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Emotional wellbeing and health
  • Other habits and addictions

How to have the confidence to use your new skills immediately and get results fast

How to add hypnosis to existing modalities and get even better results for your clients


The better your client results are, the faster your great reputation grows. The faster your reputation grows, the less you’ll ever have to worry about how to fill your calendar with paying clients.


Experience an amazing LIVE Group Hypnosis session that everyone can be involved in.

Plus Much Much More...

By the end of the program you will understand the power of hypnosis for your confidence, life, and career. You’ll be empowered to understand the true power of the skill to improve all aspects of your physical, habitual, mental, and emotional wellbeing. 

PLUS: as an added bonus, Hypnosis, when used regularly, is proven to reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and switch off the stress response naturally.

  • WHEN: Wednesday, October 13th

  • WHERE: Your Place (Online)

  • TIME: 9am till 1pm

  • Valued at $299 – Register today for only $49

A Career In Hypnosis Is One Of The Most Financially Rewarding Natural Therapies Modalities There Is. It’s Fast, Effective, And Being A Hypnotherapist Changes Lives For The Better – Yours And Your Clients!

About Juanita Smith

Juanita is the author of Is it a Habit or An Addiction? The Step-By-Step System to Take Back Control and Gain Freedom. She is a leading Clinical Hypnotherapist specialising in addictions and trauma and operates 2 very busy Clinics based in Sydney, Australia.
She is a Trainer of the FasTrack Hypnosis Certification with the Academy of Therapeutic Hypnosis and is certified and registered with the American Board of Hypnosis. She is also a member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapies, so you can be sure you’ll get the best support on the day from a trusted and recommended Clinical Hypnosis Specialist.
Juanita is a Trauma specialist (PTSD, anxiety, panic attacks, grief, and depression) and an Ideal Weight Specialist and Stop Smoking and Addiction Master. Juanita is also the co-Author of “Empowering Stories From Female Leaders Who Said YNot.” She regularly features as a sought-after guest on national and international wellbeing podcasts.

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